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Thursday, August 24, 2006

PrintPlaneteers - on Map by Frappr Maps

PrintPlaneteers - Forum members around the world

Electronic Prepress blog by Jeremy Matters

Electronic Prepress

"Tips, tricks, and questions answered about prepress and offset printing."

Publishing Training & Education blog by David Bergsland: Print & Web

Dealing with digital changes in printing & publishing
Publishing Training & Education: Print & Web

GDC/BC Blog blog - members and friends- the BC Chapter Society of Graphic Designers of Canada


theInDesigner blog by Michael Murphy


mediaworks.ca blog: making sense of new media


Blogging Ethics blog

Blogging Ethics: dialogue regarding a Code of Blogging Ethics (C.O.B.E.)

InDesign secrets blog by Anne-Marie Concepcion

InDesignSecrets: "Indesign Secrets"


Nuevas tendencias y tecnologías en la industria gráfica

English Version Machine translated

IT-Enquirer by Erik Vlietinck

IT-Enquirer by Erik Vlietinck

IT-Enquirer is a pan-European publication covering digital publishing in the broadest sense of the word. Here you can find in-depth information about website design, desktop publishing, prepress, photography and image processing, graphic design, and printing in general. Video-editing, 3D animation, publishing production, workflow issues, and much more are also covered in background articles, analyses, interviews, and reviews.

Musings | blog by Matt Beals

Musings: "mus·ing P Pronunciation Key (myzng)

The Worsley Blog : written mainly by Gordon Woolf and by Geoffrey Heard.

The Worsley Blog
Comments on anything applicable to the production of formatted publications — newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books

words / myth / ampers & virgule blog by Dick Margulis

words / myth / ampers & virgule: "occasional essays on working with words and pictures
—writing, editing, typographic design, web design, and publishing—
from the perspective of a guy who has been putting squiggly marks on paper for over four decades and on the computer monitor for over two decades"

DimBulb Association

DimBulb Association: "Dimbulb Associates is an collection of individuals taking a holistic 'New Age' approach to finding the best solution to hardware and software needs -- a parody of high-tech equipment suppliers. Our moto: Complex solutions to simple problems"

Real World Illustrator blog by Mordy Golding

Real World Illustrator

Waking Dream blog Bridging print, new media publishing, and cultural anthropology.

Waking Dream

OnDemand Newsline blog | by George Miller

OnDemand Newsline
Technology for Digital Printing and Automated Production

In The Balance Blog |site hosted by Xerox Corporation

In The Balance Blog"

Brett Knobloch: 21st Century View

Brett Knobloch: 21st Century View: Commentary, analysis and published columns on 21st Century Marketing.

A Visit To Lornitropia | blog by Steve Duncan

A Visit To Lornitropia

Lor•ni•tro•pi•a (lôrn i tr�΄ pēa), 1. The state of being engrossed in gathering and disseminating knowledge on a particularly interesting subject

PrintColor blog by Dimitrios Ploumidis

PrintColor: "PrintColor"

Dr Joe's Printing Industry Blog

Dr Joe's Printing Industry Blog: "Dr Joe's Printing Industry Blog"

JimRaffel.com | Golden Nuggets and print stuff

JimRaffel.com is about his day-to-day experiences in the printing industry.

Printmode: A Printing Industry Blog by Adam Dewitz

Printmode: A Printing Industry Blog

Publishing, Page Layout, & Typography blog by David Bergsland

Publishing, Page Layout, & Typography: The shift to graphic designers continues: "This is a collection of tips, explanations, DIY how-tos, and editorials concerning page layout, typography, and clear communication with type. The tools of choice are InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, FreeHand, GoLive, and FontLab. The experience of the author began in 1967."

The Magazine Design Weblog

The Magazine Design Weblog

Full Color Printing by Melisa

Full Color Printing

Beyond the Paper | DWF-related

Beyond the Paper

Miss Snark, the literary agent

Miss Snark, the literary agent

Pre-press Information blog by Josh Dupuis

Pre-press Information

GraphicBlog by Sharon Hayes

"Print and Web Graphic Musings"