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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writing Made Simple

The Easy Essay - Essay Writing Made Simple


In a world where they put a man on the moon before they put wheels on suitcases, the same strange mind set still holds amazingly true with writing. Remember the dread of a report? Essays, for example, are really easy to write.

“I have used this technique with my corporate clients, my theology students, and soon with my students at Kaplan University.”

Dr. Kathleen A. Bishop, M.B.A., PhD, ThD.

“It works for reports from my secretary to our construction personnel. This process saves my associates time, saves my employees time and best of all it, saves me time.”
Gary E. Hunt - Chief Manager, Just Be Green, LLC

“I had wanted to wait until I got feedback from the teachers. They love it and we are looking at using it with some of our AT devices.”

Dr. Suzanne Pope Dobson - Calhoun High School (Special Education Department Head)

“As a physician I recommend The Easy Essay almost daily to patients to help them organize their thoughts and improve their ability to concisely communicate their medical histories…”

Dr. Ernest G Hope MD PhD (Stanford University, USA)


www.TheEasyEssay.com, a free site, can teach almost anyone how to logically organize a proof format (as an essay, speech, business memo etc,) for any fact, concept or idea in 5 minutes.

www.TheEasyEssay.com uses an automated information organization program. It has been taught to people from eight to eighty, LD and ADHD students, Special Education classes, in high schools and for home schooling. It has also been used for basic expository writing, as prep for the SAT, FCAT and the ACT, as well as a college class and for post graduate work. The program is additionally beneficial for interoffice communications, speech writing, and business, technical and scientific reports. The Easy Essay can even be used for educational rehabilitation purposes; it’s logical, color coded, repetitive functions lead one to believe that it could have beneficial effects in retraining or helping to reopen neural pathways.

Our concept is based on our belief that in most conversations, the majority of the conversation deals with one person telling the other person why something is true; that is, giving reasons for its validity. That is all that we ask you to do on this site, except in writing. We use the essay form because it is the most efficient form of organization available and we automate the organization so that you limit your statements to proving only the things that you have already stated were true.

For those with no information available, the thesis, or main idea you are going to prove, is linked to Google® to help begin your accumulation of that information. Then we show you, very simply, how to prove said fact or idea.

It can be taught to a varied group of individuals at the same time and each will learn to his or her own unique capacity. It is especially helpful for mainstreaming students with special needs. The Easy Essay is easy enough for the user to learn the process and make the use of the automated portion of the program unnecessary in situations where a computer is not at hand or if a teacher wants to make sure his/her students understand the process. The process is limited only by the capacity of the user.

For longer papers it can automatically expand into a 17 paragraph thesis.

The Easy Essay Process is usable in any language.

A noted side effect of the program is that users begin to communicate logically.

www.TheEasyEssay.com is free because we feel it is too important to charge for.

We would appreciate any feedback (use the “Contact Us” section of the site) but in any case:


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