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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

What ??? are you waiting for

The reason for all the discussion of standards and similar concepts over
the last few decades is not due to an effort to improve the process but
is a result of a lack of consistency and predictability of the
processes. Going to waterless and digital printing was also related to
trying to avoid this same existing problems.

People who have no clue about how to fix the problem for years have
stressed the need for standards which has resulted in efforts in the
industry to match standards, that do not guarantee consistency or
predictability, instead of developing the capability to have consistent
and predictable processes.

Even now, Frank Romano gave a rant in the recent Enfocus webinar
regarding Myths of Modern Prepress. His comments (4, 5, and 6) about
there not being any such thing as colour management, his view on
standards and on workflow are a refreshing surprise coming from someone
who is well respected in the industry.

I am not particularly respected in the industry but have been saying
much the same for many years. The difference from my views and Mr.
Romano's is that mine tend to come from a more theoretical view of the
problems while his are more related to years of experience. The other
difference is that Mr. Romano is ranting about the problem but seems to
have little idea of how to fix these problems but on the other hand my
understanding is directly related to developing solutions.

Anyhow, it is good that he has made this rant and it is available on the following site.

The myths of modern prepress

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mosquito-Repellent Paper Attracts Readers : NPR

Mosquito-Repellent Paper Attracts Readers : NPR

 Sri Lanka has been hit by an epidemic of dengue fever, a potentially
deadly disease spread by mosquitoes. A newspaper printed an entire issue
with ink made from citronella. Sales went up 30 percent.