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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Concord Litho Prints Interactive Scent Cards for "Laugh 'n Sniff" Episode of "My Name is Earl"

From induistry news on www.printplanet.com 5/1/2007

PrintPlanet.com :

"Concord Litho Prints Interactive Scent Cards for 'Laugh 'n Sniff' Episode of 'My Name is Earl'

CONCORD, N.H. - Your ticket to 'Must Smell TV' can be found in this week's issue of TV Guide, which contains an exclusive interactive scent card designed to treat fans of NBC's hit comedy 'My Name is Earl' to a unique sensory experience -- the quirky aromas of karma-obsessed Camden County.

Featuring six fragrances tied directly to the first-ever interactive 'Laugh 'n Sniff' episode's script, the scented cards were printed by Concord Litho, an independent printing company in New Hampshire, for a cross-promotional May sweeps campaign involving TV Guide, NBC, 20th Century Fox Television, and exclusive sponsor Oreo.

During the May 3 'Laugh 'n Sniff' episode, NBC will prompt viewers via on-air graphics to rub one of six corresponding numbered boxes on TV Guide's scent card, which will release aromas connected to the 'My Name Is Earl' storyline, including the smell of 'a brand-new car,' and the chocolatey-creamy signature scent of Oreo cookies. Sponsored exclusively by Oreo, this scent card is available only in TV Guide's April 30 issue, which arrives on newsstands April 26.

'Anything That's Printed Can Be Scented'"