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Thursday, December 13, 2007

"3D Printing Methods and Applications" internet discussion group on Google Groups™

3D inkjet printers build physical models from computer-aided design (CAD) data. Multiple parts can be printed (manufactured) simultaneously 3D printers operate like a classics desktop inkjet printers. Some systems offer 24-bit color capabilities just like a document printer. 3D printer systems revolutionized the production of pieces having complex geometries and small, detailed features.
You can buy 3D printers that operate in any standard office environment with no need for a dedicated operator.

Depending on the materials deposited through the inkjet(s) you can manufacture production parts for low volume production runs, test CAD designs, make one-of-a-kind parts, build all sorts of architectural models and related components without having to first create molds and then casting parts.

When the printing industry was transitioning from shooting film and burning printing plates the Internet provided the Computer To Plate Pressroom for printers and manufacturers to share new methods, workflows and made the inkjet printer acceptable as a method to proof high quality color images prior to going to press. The 3D printer will be a desk-top model shop replacing the shop model makers.

We have launched the "3D Printing Methods and Applications" internet discussion group on Google Groups™. Join today, share your ideas, projects, ask questions 24x7, meet your peers. Membership is FREE,

Matt Beals launches Premedia Forum

"Matt Beals Consultant Enfocus Certified Trainer Markzware Recognized Trainer (206) 201-2320 - Main (720) 367-3869 - eFax mailto:matt@mattbeals.com

Matt wrote:

Friends don't let friends write HTML email

Come visit http://www.premediaworld.com where I am forming a new online forum with three partners. We're tailoring it to the premedia professionals to exchange tips, trick, how-to's and other relevant information. Not just for print/prepress but other forms of premedia as well.

You've pretty much got everything you need right there!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fabbers (a.k.a 3D Printers)

"Fab@Home is a website dedicated to making and using fabbers - machines that can make almost anything, right on your desktop. This website provides an open source kit that lets you make your own simple fabber, and use it to print three dimensional objects. You can download and print various items, try out new materials, or upload and share your own projects. Advanced users can modify and improve the fabber itself. Fabbers (a.k.a 3D Printers or rapid prototyping machines) are a relatively new form of manufacturing that builds 3D objects by carefuly depositing materials drop by drop, layer by layer. Slowly but surely, with the right set of materials and a geometric blueprint, you can fabricate complex objects that would normally take special resources, tools and skills if produced using conventional manufacturing techniques. A fabber can allow you to explore new designs, email physical objects to other fabber owners, and most importantly - set your ideas free. Just as MP3s, iPods and the Internet have freed musical talent, we hope that blueprints and fabbers will democratize innovation."

Print Custom Artifical Bones - 3D Printer Recreates Skeletons

"Researchers at the Tissue Engineering Department at the University of Tokyo Hospital and venture capitalist, Next 21, use specialized 3D inkjet printers to print custom artificial bones for implantation. Here's the process used to make an artificial bone. First, the patient's actual bone structure is scanned with X-ray and CT scanners. The resulting data is combined to make a three-dimensional computer model of the bone; a set of cross-sections is sent to the special 3D inkjet printer."

ptonline.com - 3D Printers - Rapid Prototyping - 08/04

Close-Up On Technology - 3D Printers Lead Growth of Rapid Prototyping - 08/04: "The five 3D printer makers include Z Corp., which now offers three models of 3D printers, including its flagship ZPrinter 310; and Stratasys, which offers two versions of its Dimension 3D printer. 3D Systems, which sells both the widely known high-end SLA (stereolithography) and SLS (selective laser sintering) RP systems, launched its first “true 3D” printer, called InVision, in late 2003. Objet Geometries in Israel supplies the higher-end Eden 333 PolyJet 3D printer in North America through Stratasys."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TribalSketch for online scrapbook design and layout

The online Scrapbooking site http://www.photoalbum.com/ is using TribalSketch for their online scrapbook design and layout. Users can upload images of all types and create beautiful multi-page scrapbooks right in their browser.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Continuous learning is key

Continuous learning is key
Bob Dale wrote: I am sad to announce that this will be my last estimating column for Graphic Monthly. I am proud to have been associated with this fine publication since I started writing this column 10 years ago.

The key message that I have tried to convey is the need for continuous learning. If you arrive at work, keep your head down and work hard without learning something every day, you will find in a few years that you have been left behind. I once did a study of a conventional prepress department with 16 professionals who did great work. But it quickly became clear that their knowledge level was at 30% of where it needed to be to stay current in today’s world of electronic prepress.
Continuous learning does not always mean that you have to attend night school for 13 weeks for years to get a certificate, although that is an excellent way of learning. Continuous learning comes from reading magazines like Graphic Monthly, and participating in trade associations like the Craftsmen Club, which is open to all, regardless of whether there is an active club in your community. Visit IAPHC.org for details.
Attending trade shows should be more than getting posters and free samples. Seminars, demonstrations and meetings are all great ways of learning. Attending seminars, and participating in online forums are great ways of keeping current without investing a significant amount of time. Formal designation and training records are important and should be tracked and kept in your employee file and included on your resume.
Thank you, Graphic Monthly readers for allowing me the wonderful opportunity to stay current on technology, process and management issues and to share these experiences and thoughts with you.
I leave you with a quote from Dave Mainwaring, who leads excellent forums on PrintPlanet.com:

“To succeed, stay focused.
Do what you do best,
up-skill, prepare for
new challenges,
make time for learning”

Bob Dale is president of Pilot Graphic Management Services Inc., a management-consulting and custom-training company. He is also on the executive of the Toronto Club of Printing House Craftsmen. Bob can be reached at (416) 410-4096, or via e-mail at pilotmanagement@rogers.com

Friday, December 07, 2007

Printable Technologies to Demonstrate Integrated Marketing ... - Direct_Mail, Direct_Marketing, Marketing

Printable Technologies to Demonstrate Integrated Marketing ... - Direct_Mail, Direct_Marketing, Marketing: "

Google will demonstrate Integrated Marketing Solutions including Personalized Cross-Media Direct Marketing and Collateral Management Solutions, at NCDM 2007, Las Vegas, from December 10 through December 12. Printable Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of Integrated Marketing, Web to Print, and Personalized Direct Marketing Solutions. To align with these consumers, marketers are rapidly adopting new online marketing channels and integrating them into their campaigns. The cross-media solutions powered by Printable Technologies take advantage of the vast amount of data available to present personalized messages that make marketing more effective. Printable Technologies is a world leader providing Integrated Marketing Solutions including Cross Media Variable Data Publishing (VDP), One to One Marketing Campaigns, and Web to Print solutions, to corporate enterprises, creative agencies, and the graphic arts industry. The complete marketing campaign execution and tracking solution from Printable Technologies"

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

MGI Digital Graphic Technology, marketing agreement with Xerox Corporation

IVRY/SEINE, France (Dec. 3, 2007) -- MGI Digital Graphic Technology, the
multi-substrate (paper and plastic) digital press manufacturer, announced
today that they have reached a marketing agreement with Xerox Corporation
(Europe). Under the terms of this agreement, MGI will provide the UVarnish*
off-line infrared and UV coater as a complement to Xerox's finishing product

MGI, based in Paris, has 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing,
marketing and supporting the worldwide digital market segment.

Launched in 2007, the popular and successful UVarnish is the first and only
"push-button" UV coater available in the digital graphics market. Easy to
use and with the smallest footprint in the industry, the UVarnish is
designed to complement both digital and offset printed paper or plastic
substrates (paper coated and sealed plastic surfaces such as PVC or PET),
accommodating up to 2400 sheets per hour and sizes up to 36 x 52 cm (14 x 20
Other unique features of the UVarnish include an ultrasonic sensor to detect
and prevent double feeding, designed to protect personalized VDP sheets. The
UVarnish is also environmentally friendly, utilizing an ozone-free UV curing
technology. Depending on the type of substrate and intended application,
various varnish finishes are available, including matte, glossy and
pre-lamination varnish for plastic hot platen lamination. Optional
accessories for the UVarnish include a high capacity feeder and a high
capacity stacker.

This agreement is valid immediately in Europe and will allow the Xerox sales
force to offer the UVarnish in synergy with Xerox's state of the art color

For more information, please contact:
Michael Abergel
Executive Vice President, MGI USA
Phone: (321) 751-6755