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Friday, December 05, 2008

PIA/GATF Is Now Printing Industries of America

On November 16, 2008, the Boards of Printing Industries of America
and the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation approved the renaming of
PIA/GATF to Printing Industries of America, as well as a new logo and

The new logo depicts the technology, artistry, and dynamic growth of
the industry, while the new tagline, “Advancing Graphic
Communications,” captures the organization’s innovative,
forward-thinking approach.

This change is the result of a comprehensive, 14-month branding
research project. The goal of this project was to strengthen and
streamline the messaging to the graphic communications industry, its
suppliers, partners, customers, and lawmakers and to better reflect the
activities within the organization.

A number of changes will be taking place as a result of this
initiative, including the renaming of the organization’s website from www.GAIN.net to www.printing.org. Plus in 2009, the website will be completely revitalized and re-launched with a more user-friendly format

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ghostwriting & Book Producing - PUBLISH-L

PROMO: Ghostwriting & Book Producing - PUBLISH-L | Google Groups
I hope all parties, ghostwriter, client and publisher, realize that
there are substantial issues presented in this relationship in terms of the proposed Google settlement. The settlement agreement does not define "authors" in anything but the broadest of terms and would certainly include a ghostwriter (as well as an editor and potentially other parties). Therefore, in any agreement with a ghostwriter, the unresolved issues in this settlement, which are expressly left up to the underlying agreement between and among the parties, have to be addressed. If your ghostwriter agreement was drafted before this settlement, it is likely already out of date and should be reviewed by an experienced publishing attorney so that it can be appropriately revised. Without such revisions, all parties may be in for some very unwelcome surprises.

Read "How Does The Google Settlement Affect You?" on my site. {Ivan Hoffman} Click on "Articles for Writers and Publishers."

And if you do not have a valid, written and signed ghostwriter
agreement, well then you have bigger problems than the above to resolve.

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